Extractor 1000 - nutrient bullet

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Extractor 1000 blends, mixes, chops, whips, droats and most important extracts all nutrients from your foods! It is driven by powerful 1000w engine that turns the new generation knife at the famous 25,000 rpm

  • 1000W engine
  • 25000 rpm
  • up to 7 years warranty

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What does this mean for us and our health?

Nutrients from fruits, vegetables, seeds and all that we eat can not smell enough by chewing and therefore our body can not fully or utilize it. Extractor 1000 with its powerful, specially-shaped knives, smashes all foodstuffs, especially fruit and vegetable fibers at high speed, and creates the particles that our body is quickest and easiest to assimilate. So all high-value nutrients directly enter our blood bypassing long-lasting digestion. That's why we feel light, polished and energized, and we get all the nutrients we need from a small amount of food!

Extractor 1000 allows us to:

  • we eat a smaller amount of food, and we get more nutrients from it
  • with one appliance, we mix, mix, chop and blend
  • in very little time we prepare a quality and nutritious meal
  • regulating body weight and easier to lose weight
  • we maintain the health and vitality of our organism
  • we always have healthy smoothies and juices with us!

Extractor 1000 specifications:

  • 1x container containing 1 liter!
  • 2x container containing 0.8 liters!
  • 2x patent-pending patent for movement!
  • 2x storage lid!
  • 1x multi-purpose knife with 6 blades for wet and dry extraction!
  • 1x basic unit with 1000 W and 25000 rpm motor!
  • 1 year standard warranty on all parts!

Additional Information

Shipping from Croatia
Color Black
Warranty 3 years engine, 1 year blade set

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