OEM service and purchasing plan

We do any customizations of existing products, full OEM for any product needed us to find for and purchasing plan for our clients.

You want to have your own product with your brand from any product from our catalogue? Or you want us to find a product for you suitable for your business and also to do do a complete OEM service with purchasing plan?
You do not have time for searching? You do not have money to invest? You do not know where and how to do an OEM? Or you just simply want to concentrate on your business and let us be your designer, purchasing department, logistic and custom clearance agent?

You are at the right place.

In 2020. we made over 30 imports for our clients. And more and more factories and businesses are in our portfolio with whom we work.

We have 14+ years experience with ordering from China, Taiwan, South Korea and other countries. We did a lot of customization of the manuals, branding, color boxes and even changing design of existing products on the market. We also did a completely new design of the product just for one client and exclusivity in his country.

So do not hesitate and contact us immediately and check what we can do for you.

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