Friulco juicers: The only juicers you'll ever need

Friulco juicers are made in Italy with highest quality, durability, and performance. They're made completely from stainless steel, which makes them easy to clean and sanitary. Friulco juicers are also easy to assemble and operate, and they produce more juice than other brands.

We are 15+ years in the sector retail and hospitality and very well aware/distributing famous brands and not so famous brands of juicers and we just discovered Italian company Friulco in a place where we did not expected (bakery sector).

The first look at them was immediately positively surprised because it is clearly that all products are made very strong and sturdy but when we start to talk with their technicians who also have lots of experience in this sector and producing very quality products - we were simply amazed.

No matter if we talked about centrifugal juicers or slow juicers or even orange juicers one by one amazed us more and more. If  we can say in one sentence about them it will be 'the only juicers you will ever need'. Yes they are with price range on the top but we think that even can be more. You will buy one of their machine and have it for life - no matter you are domestic customer in villa or flat or your are big beach fruit bar or club! We are 100% sure about this!

All products are made following few simple rules:

  • It needs to be made completely from stainless steel for durability, professionalism and easy cleaning.
  • It needs to be easy to assembly and operate.
  • It needs to give output more than anyone else.

And they really succeed in this.

The KALLIMA is robust model and can win anyone. It looks like all famous brands but produce more juices and can operate much longer. But then they said to us - everyone looks for 'big' juicer but we made even better one IOTA. It spins with 15500 RPM which gives another benefit - 'self-cleaning' basket for longer periods of juicing mixed ingredients without stopping and cleaning. And it is much smaller so can fit on ANY bar.

Then we switched to slow juicer looks like an Angel. Of course we know it is not easy to operate with an small hole like Angel has in the hospitality sector. But their ARGOS slow juicer with 2 big sturdy augers with BIG hole showed us immediately what is the purpose to have it on your bar - with just one apple. We tasted the half of the glass of juice from one apple - put it to pass between the teeth to check whether any residue will be felt in the juice - and it was not! No way we said...

The final surprise was LEMONSPRING. Because you know how it is, we cannot be surprised more than already was and now we are starting to talk about regular orange juicers which only is made from stainless steel. Quality and durability yes, but what else can be. And we were so wrong. First - the biggest issue in this machines are different shapes of the oranges - which if needed you just open the cover in the middle and put it by your hand directly. Really? How come none so far didn't made it like that. So simple. The pushers and all mechanism now suddenly came into our attention and you can clearly see that there is something new. Patented and no juice leaking issue at all since there is no bearing in the system. And they dismantle it in 20 seconds in front of us without any screws while chit chat.

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