100% Made in Italy

100% Made in Italy

Whatever your field of activity: chef, pizzaiolo, baker or bartender,
Friulco manufactures reliable and high-performance equipment that simplifies and speeds up your work, increasing your profit margin.
Discover here the Friulco machines.

Innovators since 1984

Italian top quality, technology and reliability.
We have always been innovators and forerunners but never imitators.

We use innovating technologies and vanguard components to make our products unique, long lasting and
All over the world, Friul Co is synonymous with efficiency, quickness, precision and courtesy.

Established in 1984, Friul Co is a leader company in the production of machines for the preparation of natural juices and of pizza equipment. Its highly specialized technical staff continually develops new concepts and new technologies to always propose innovative products to its customers. Friul Co is known in Italy and all over the world for its dynamism, its efficiency, its top quality and reliable products.

1984: beginning of the production of the dough sheeters which have been invented by Mr.Antonio Cimenti, president of the company. It is the starting point for a complete range of pizza equipment.

1987: the construction of a commercial juice extractor is decided to meet the new dietetical requirements/demands. The success of the model Iota is due to its top quality and technology. This first machine opens a new field of activity for Friul Co.

Research and development:
Friul Co continually strives to develop new technical solutions to be in the vanguard.

Our philosophy:Friul Co is known all over the world for the quality and the innovation. With our products you gain time:
they are quick to clean and easy to use.


Certified quality

The safety of patented and certified products

All our machines are patented, making them unique.
They are manufactured according to the different international norms.

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