Updated products and portfolio 09/2023

The overview of our engagements in 2023. with updated products and portfolio in offer.

LOHAS blender by lifeenergy

We have been designing and perfecting LOHAS blenders for home users and bars already more than 15 years. During that period, various colors and variants came to our stock but this time we decided only for red and black models with a 2200W motor of course and also with completely new additional small container of only 600 ml.

The container is really small and great for quickly making just one smoothie or a thinner spread of a smaller volume or quickly chopping up something dry!

We have also made it possible to offer a lower price for a reduced 3 year warranty for those who want to buy a super blender even cheaper.


IonZone - multifunctional ion + ozone 220V/12V

The long-awaited update of our unique product IonZone has been welcomed and exclusively for the EU market it comes in a 12V DC power supply variant, which means less radiation while working and an ADDITIONAL possibility (with an adapter for a car cigarette lighter) to take it on the road and in the car, on the boat or yachts, use it for everything you are used to (buy fruit and water anywhere and clean it up on the way).

You can also disinfect and freshen, i.e. remove odors completely in the car from, for example, animals that you are so used to driving them 🙂

The Instant Pot brand of household appliances is extremely popular in the world, and that is why we started with them in Croatia two years ago. We are constantly trying to monitor new models to improve our service, and as the main distributor in Croatia, we increased the length of the standard warranty to 2 years, but also added the possibility of increasing the warranty from an additional 2 years to a total of 4 years of warranty.

In addition, we expanded the offer with several additional models of Air Fryer ovens, Instant Pot PRO Plus version and even brought the latest Instant Pot Duo Crisp Ultimate Lid which, with its unique lid, allows you to now have both a cooker and an oven in one device

Instant® Vortex® Slim 06 Air Fryer
Instant® Vortex® VersaZone 09 Air Fryer

Instant Pot Duo Crisp Ultimate Lid 065


In addition to the Taiwanese PurePro alkalizers, we also took over the existing project with KYK alkalizers and immediately expanded the offer to the RE3 model (former RP3) in addition to the existing Generation II strong> model.

The premium KYK from South Korea for all those who simply want the best in an alkalizer is now available with support, filters and latest generation models.


KYK Generation 2
KYK RP3 alkaline water ionizer
Pogledajte i AlkalnaVoda.com

Permanently reduced prices for specific product groups

In addition to the continued exceptional quality and guarantee of all ozonators, home and professional for spaces, humidifiers and air purifiers, we have permanently lowered their prices so that every household or office can have one unit of everything as standard equipment, given that it is safe, important to have good water, food and air in the space where you live and stay.

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