1. FliFloc flaker


    Delivery time 10 days

    Great funny way to engaged your kids in preparing their own healthy breakfast. Learn More
  2. Flocman electric flaker


    Delivery time 10 days

    Flaking really doesn’t get any easier then with this electric flaker. Learn More
  3. Duett 200


    Delivery time 10 days

    The power of Fidibus XL and Flocman inegrated in one unit Learn More
  4. Duett 100


    Delivery time 10 days

    Combo Fidibus Classic grain mill and the efficient flaking rollers of the Flocman. Learn More
  5. KoMo Magic small mill


    Delivery time 10 days

    Small but still powerful home mill for wheat, rye, spelt or barley. Learn More
  6. FidiFloc 21


    Delivery time 10 days

    Power of the Fidibus 21 mill and FlicFloc flaker combined Learn More
  7. Fidibus XL


    Delivery time several days

    With it’s powerful 600 watt motor and a hopper holding over 1200 g of grain, the FIDIBUS XL produces fine flour at twice the speed of other smaller Fidibus models. Learn More
  8. Commercial power grinder


    Less then 10 available

    Commercial power grinder for making powder from any dry ingredients without hassle Learn More
  9. New
    < 3


    Milla professional stone mill M02

    Milla professional


    Shipping next working day after payment

    Professional model for continuous grinding in a shop, restaurant, hotel or children's kitchen Learn More
  10. KoMoMio colored mill


    Delivery time 10 days

    KoMoMio high-performance grain mill in 6 beautiful colors Learn More
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