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Kamado grill

Who doesn't know about the popular Kamado BBQs? With its characteristic egg shape and many different accessories, it's been a hit with many BBQ lovers for a couple of seasons in a row, which is not surprising because the Kamado ceramic grill is a real all-rounder. From grilling and baking or cooking to smoking and steaming, with this barbecue, it's all a piece of cake.

What are the features of a Kamado BBQ?

The most important feature of a Kamado BBQ is the material. Kamado barbecues are made from ceramic ('mullite') which is made at high temperatures. The thick ceramic walls are highly resistant to heat and temperature changes. Another important advantage that comes in handy when barbecuing is that a ceramic BBQ can hold the heat (and the moisture) really well.

In addition, a ceramic BBQ is a really robust piece of equipment for your house (or in the garden, of course). The steel parts are powder coated. This makes it weatherproof so you can safely leave it outside.

Cleaning it is also a breeze: the fire tray keeps the coals and the ashes separate, and the retractable ash tray allows you to remove the ashes from your barbecue without getting your hands dirty.

Last but not least, a Kamado BBQ is only complete with accessories. Depending on the model, Maxima can deliver your new Kamado BBQ with a variety of useful accessories, such as a rain cover, cleaning brush and an ash cooker.

How do you keep the temperature constant in a Kamado BBQ?

Temperature is a crucial item when barbecuing. Every dish has its own preparation time and required temperature. Regulate the temperature with the air supply at the bottom and the air outlet ('chimney') at the top.

When your BBQ is about 5 degrees below your target temperature, use the air supply and air outlet to fine tune the temperature. This works as follows: a large temperature change is controlled using the air supply at the bottom. For smaller adjustments, you can control it with the return air. It takes some practise to master the temperature adjustment so it's always better to work in small steps as the temperature can rise quickly, but is not so easy to lower.

The more both channels are open, the more oxygen the BBQ can attract and the higher the temperature will be. The following applies to both the air supply and the air extraction: never close them completely during use because then the fire will be extinguished.

Tips for using a Kamado BBQ

Get even more cooking pleasure by getting the most out of your BBQ. With a few simple tricks you can make things even easier for yourself:

  • Prepare your dishes in order of increasing temperature. A Kamado BBQ is easy and quick to heat up, but thanks to the ceramic housing it cools down slowly. So start with the dishes that you prepare at a lower temperature and finish with the foods that require a high temperature, such as pizza.
  • Only use charcoal and not briquettes. Apart from the fact that briquettes are less durable (with the exception of coconut briquettes), charcoal simply achieves higher temperatures.
  • Do not skimp on charcoal. It pays to choose better quality charcoal. This often costs a little more, but you'll get charcoal pieces in larger chunks. These are easier to light and burn longer than the smaller pieces so you don't have to fill up with charcoal as often.
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