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My name is Wai Keung Man. I am the founder of Mastercare Group which started in the Netherlands.

Mastercare Group has been involved in the natural health movement for more than 13 years and was one of the leading forces in the rawfood and superfoods movement in the Netherlands and Europe. Mastercare was one of the first companies to organise events & lectures, import and sell raw/superfood products, offer rawfood coaching, create healthy parties and spearhead a movement of consciousness which is now gaining popularity worldwide.

Mastercare Group founded the Chocolate Club parties (, the Superfood Cafe (, Rawfood Coaching and the consumer/b2b webshop (

Currently Mastercare Group is active in Europe & South America where it is focussed on integrating sustainable permaculture methods for the cultivation superfoods, medicinal herbs and the highest quality organic nutrition on all levels.

In my research to find the "ultimate water" i bought many machines to purify and vitalize the water.

The end result is that i believe that distilling the water is the best way to clean the water!

After trying most of the other brands out there I ran to the lifeenergy distiller which I find it is the best on the market i could find.


Because the lifeenergy distiller is super high quality! Everything is made out of high quality glass or stainless steel! I like the stainless steel nostril for the filter, bodycase,  inside jug and the all the other internal parts which I have never seen that before with other brands,

Anyway I have been drinking distilled water for the last 5 years now and the water the lifeenergy distiller produces is just the best distilled water i ever drank! Very soft and no metallic taste at all!

Be asure that with this distiller you will enjoy!

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