Orange juicers oriented to the hospitality/horeca sector. Industrial, automatic and professional juicers. Rental and distribution options available.

Serve to your customers fresh natural orange juices quickly while still keeping easy to maintain the rest of your business regulary especially at peak times.

Attractive showcase of our orange juicers will for sure draw attention to your customer and increase sales. Natural orange juices does not lower down other consumptions but mostly complements them. So you will get a quick amortization of the juicer itself and generate higher profits in the future while still keeping your job easier with improved service for your customers.

Mizumo juicers are designed for those who will use it and for what they will use it for; to effectivelly squeeze fresh natural orange juices while simplify the maintanance and service of it.

Mizumo juicers are designed for the professionals in the hospitality/horeca sector, being simple, reliable and robust.

Mizumo has the models for bars, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, cafes, airports, schools, universities, supermarkets, gyms, service areas and all similar buisiness models. The most automated models are self-service for big shopping centers and industrial model for real industry of orange juices. In any place where breakfasts, lunches or snacks are served these models are superb addon. Cocktails needs natural juices as addiition in the offer.

  • Price of a glass of juice (€ 1.50) minus cost of oranges (€ 0.20) = benefit of a juice glass (€ 1.30).
  • Benefit per month (example with 20 juices daily):
  • 20 juices daily * benefit of a juice glass (€ 1.30) * opening days (26) = € 676.
  • Mizumo juicer can be amortized in less than 3 months.

We also offer ANY model for you in rental without any investment.

The orange juicers are designed to work with any type of citrus more or less round shape diameter from 60 to 80 mm.

Cleaning is so easy. All the parts can be washed in the dishwasher except the plastic front cover of the orange juicer and the stainless steel body which can both easy be cleaned by cloth. Check our instructional video so you can see how simple it is.

Cleaning should be after daily finish working to avoide that the juice stick at the juicer. In addition remove the orange skins from the bins and the pulp from the filter.

Following the manual and instructions your juicer should not have any issues during your long term usage.

Every year you should do a service at our center or at your place upon agreement to prolong the juicer lifetime.

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