1. SLIMMY Greenis slow juicer ALL-IN-ONE


    SLIMMY Greenis ALL IN ONE slow juicer model with ONLY 30 rpm and planetary geared AV motor can squeeze all the fruits and green leafy vegetables with easy.

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  2. RHINO Wide Mouth slow juicer


    • double tubes: wide 85mm for peaches, oranges etc and standard 45mm for carrtos and harder ingerdients
    • touch pannel control with blue and red LED lights
    • handle for easy carry
    • magnetic safety lock on properly bowl switch
    • automatic stop when it is overloaded.Autom
    • automatic self cleaning system with backward mode
    • Tap is for easier juice storage&juice share.
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  3. Greenis brushless power blender


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    Greenis FGR-8840 is a ground-breaking appliance featuring smart bluetooth connectivity which gives you all the versality and functionality of a top-of-the-class commercial blender.

    Featuring top-notch robustly engineered 10 year warranty 1400W industrial engine with brush-less technique delivering both power and incredibly acceptable noise level.

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  4. Greenis brushless smart power blender


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    More powerfull engine, smart LED display and controls then FGR8840 Learn More