1. Nice veggy slicer


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    Nice veggy slicer set is a perfect help in every kitchen for slice, cut, peal, chop - more joy with ease. Learn More
  2. Coffee Duo filter small


    Very small and attractive filter coffee machine with reusable nylon filter, ideal for gifts and promotions Learn More
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    Waterpulse Oral dental shower

    Waterpulse Oral dental shower

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    Waterpulse Oral high-pressure dental shower with intelligent frequency conversion Learn More
  4. JAVA espresso machine 3 in 1


    The sleek and compact Java semi-automatic machine is the most versatile solution with its 3-in-1 functionality. It uses coffee powder, coffee capsules or coffee pods with one easy-to-use hand cup. Learn More
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    ORIGINAL big mouth slow juicer

    ORIGINAL big mouth slow juicer

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    New line of slow juicer affordable for every household with top quality and 5 year warranty. Also optimal for HORECA business Learn More
  6. LIFEENERGY PRO home distiller


    Get rid of heavy metals, fluor, chlorine, bacteria, chemicals, viruses, hormones, pesticides, poisons and all other UNWANTED elements in EVERY DAY drinking water.

    Everything made from GLASS or SS - bundled glass jug and glass water drop collector, stainless steel nostril for filter, body case, inside jug, outside vent, cooler cover, pipe.

    Learn More
  7. LOHAS LIFEENERGY super blender


    • proven quality 1000 satisfied customers, 100 restaurants and bars
      7 years of warranty on engine
    • high quality water and heat proof bearing set from Japan for longest durability (warranty 1 year)
    • 1500W 3HP with (0 - 35 000 rpm) can make raw nutella and green shakes in a no time
    • unbreakable BPA-free Tritan 2l jar
    • choose the color to best align in your kitchen - red, black, white and green
    • fast direct service and after sale support, cheap replacement parts - LIFENERGY guaranteed satisfaction
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  8. Smoothie Barmen auto-blender


    Beautiful gold or silver 1800w power blender with automated operation with 4 predefined programs, ideal for HORECA mixing Learn More
  9. PurePro Water Alkaline Ionizer


    RESERVATION price - delivery after 1 Feb 2019

    PurePro® JA103 alkalizer makes pH values over 10 for drinking water full with antioxidans and ions

    Great selling in USA & Canada and Europe - made in Taiwan, regulatory agency for controlling Titanium plates

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  10. Auto-control Stainless Steel distiller 5L/h


    RESERVATION price - delivery after 17 Dec 2018

    Water disttiller for 5L per hour, made completely from stainless steel with auto shut off when water level is low

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