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Shower filter MF80

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De-chlorination and decontamination of secondary pollution from tap water to prevent skin from aging and soften the hair and body

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Our Magic Factory MF80 shower filter is made specially for EU market where the water is really hard and full of chlorine.

To prevent the chlorine and other unwanted elements in shower water we use 15 levels of filtering from 12 unique materials.

  1. High density stainless steel mesh
    Prevents medium sized sediment from entering the shower filter.
  2. PP cotton
    Removes small sediments and dust from water
  3. Vitamin C 5g
    Enriches the water with Vitamin C and soften it
  4. Maifan stone 5g
    Stable supply source of several types of trace elements in water
  5. Mineralized ball 5g
    Increases negative ions and oxygen levels in water
  6. Magnetic energy ball 5g
    Increases oxygen level in water and helps eliminating bacteria
  7. Ceramic energy ball 5g
    Increases negative ions and oxygen levels in water
  8. Tourmaline ball 5g
    Boosts filtration and adds beneficial minerals to the water
  9. Calcium sulfphite 40g
    Efficiently eliminates chlorine
  10. KDF55 20g
    Removes heavy metals and inhibits bacteria even in the hot water
  11. Coconut activated carbon 30g
    Helps to remove chlorine, organic material and other impurities
  12. PP cotton
  13. High density stainless steel mesh
  14. + 2 pcs prefilters
    Removes large particle impurities

Each material has its own function to change, filter and soften the tap water. Most important of them is KDF55 very strong and hard material which removes chlorine completely. Total weight of the filter cartridge materials is 120 g.


Housing and mesh is made from stainless steel which assure the body case being durable and usable for whole life, replacing the filters only after around 20 000 liters of usage.

MF80 shower filter can also be used in any standard water installment with regular pressure and working temperature from 4 to 80 C. It means you can also use it in a kitchen for cooking and drinking water or washing machine.

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Additional Information

Country of manufacture China
Shipping from Croatia
Color Silver
Technical data


Hold the shower filter under a tap water to flush out excess carbon particles from the filter. This may turn the water grey for the first few seconds but keep it flushing for at least 20 seconds. Repeat the process with the opposite direction too. 


Remove the existing shower head from the shower arm by turning counterclockwise. This can usually be done by hand but you may need a wrench if your old shower head is on too tight. Use your fingers to peel away the old teflon tape and clean the threaded pipe.  You can also do that on the output from the wall instead the shower head.


Wrap the new teflon tape tightly around the threads of your shower filter and the shower arm. 5-8 full turns around the threads is sufficient to provide full coverage. There is no need to use the small, white rubber o-rings that came with the filter. The teflon tape alone is sufficient.


Place the new shower filter back to the side of the shower arm where previously you disconected it and turn clockwise to tighten by hand. Then twist it tighten by turning clockwise. Optionally use a soft cloth to protect the finish and tighten it with a wrench.


  • Filter capacity: 20000 liters
  • Filter weight: 120 g
  • Uni dimension: 106 * 70 * 70 mm

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