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Hurom 2 in 1 M100

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Slow Juicer or Blender? Two technologies in a single body, Smart and Convenient M100.
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  • 2 in 1, Juice and cooking in one
    Extract or blend, whenever you want. A new concept of kitchen appliance that combines Slow Juicer with a highspeed blender.
  • Full metal style that illuminates the kitchen:
    Shining and metallic body Slim front and stable depth.
  • From desserts to full dishes!:
    From homemade ice cream and smoothie bowls for dieting to crushing of ingredients for warm soup and other dishes!
  • Convenient cleaning:
    Juicer filters are Easy Wash Type, and the blender has Self Cleaning Mode.
  • Safety:
    As with any other Hurom Slow Juicers, the M100 Slow Juicer is made of all BPA-free materials.

Two technologies in a single body

Slow Squeezing and high-speed blending are controlled in a single body.


Dual Motor - the secret key of innovation

AC Dual Motor: A geared motor for Slow Squeezing and a high-speed universal motor are merged to offer a variety of features in a single body.


Insert them all at once without any preparation

Even a whole apple or large, leafy vegetables! No need to prep the ingredients. Just insert whole, ingredients into the 2L mega hopper at once.


Auto program for each cooking type and manual mode

It provides 5 Auto Programs with different crushing styles such as Smoothie, Crush and Soup. With Manual Program, you can control the crushing force any way or style you like.


Powerful blending making ice into snowflakes

Even with frozen ice or lumpy ingredients, the six high-strength blades and a motor of max. 26,500rpm provide a powerful crushing force and excellent blending.


Convenient with smart UI

The symmetric exterior that helps control the dial from any direction in a stable manner and intuitively understand the status of operation. Convenient UI that shows different modes, operation time and even output steps all at once. Easily control the output steps and programs with the intuitive jog dial.


Smart function that detects containers automatically

The smart auto sensor, which automatically detects containers whether it be the Slow Juicer container or the crushing container, provides operations for each exclusive model that applies Smart UI.

Simple assembly and connection with the body

Simplified parts allow for more convenient assembly. Regardless of containers, it has a structure that allows for stable settlement even when you simply place them on the body.

Convenient automatic cleaning program

The Self Cleaning Mode also helps cleanse even the hard-to-reach areas in an easy and safe manner. * This function is not available in the Slow Juicer Mode.

Easy Wash Type

It applies the user-oriented Easy Wash Type, which enables convenient disassembly and easy cleaning in running water


Additional Information

Country of manufacture South Korea
Shipping from Croatia
Warranty 10 years motor
Technical data
  • Weight
    16.9 kg
  • Dimension
    Juicer: 246*296*490 mm,
    Blender: 186*296*528 mm
  • Standard Usage Time    
    Juicer: 30min
    Blender: 7.5min (auto mode)
  • RPM    
    Juicer: 43/50rpm
    Blender: 26500rpm
  • Power consumption    
    Juicer: 200W
    Blender: 1000W
  • Capacity    
    Juice Chamber: 400ml
    Mixer Jar: 2000ml
  • Voltage    
    250V 10A
  • Frequency    
    60 Hz
  • Accessories
    Auger, Blender Jar, Chamber, Cleaning Brush, Hopper, Inner Strainer, Juice Container, Juice Strainer, Pulp Container, Pusher, Recipe Book, Smoothie Strainer

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