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Cinoart PT2 Automatic Coffee Tamper

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Cinoart PT2 automatic coffee tamper with latest technology for an effective and precise automatic tamping solution with great efficiency, consistency and flavor development when producing larger amount of espresso and want to avoid human error


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Automatic electric coffee tamper as a perfect precision tool for helping you make the best coffee possible. It provides consistent and accurate tamping pressure, guaranteeing quality espresso every time. The in-built Guide Leveling System (GLS) helps eliminate channeling by leveling the coffee bed after tamping to provide an even extraction from edge to edge during extraction.

An ideal tool for baristas who are looking to increase productivity and consistency. It will ensure perfect tamping every time, maximizing the extraction of your espresso shots. Working off a small footprint to maximize the working environment, the Automatic Coffee Tamper is easy to adjust and fits a variety of portafilter handles. Suction cup feet ensure it stays still when your not.

With precision tamping pressure settings from 2kg up to 38kgs, multi-segmented tamping options become available to shoes either single, double or triple tamp with the ability to independently set and control the specific pressure of each tamp cycle within a segment. 

  • Precise and consistent tamping is an essential part of the process to create and maintain great espresso.
  • The quality of each coffee bed is tracked which helps eliminate channeling caused by uneven and/or inconsistent tamping.
  • Simple to use and quick to adjust mid-service it maintains extraction quality as temperature and humidity changes occur throughout the day.
  • It sits on a small footprint maximizing working environment bench space.

Perfect Tamp every time
Same pressure, same tamp every time, shot after shot.

Guaranteed Level Tamp
Using patented GLS leveling system so it’s never off.

Increase Consistency
With Counter up to 10,000 cycles, each one as identical as the last.

Multi-Segmented/Cycle Tamping
Three modes of tamping with increased control of pressure.

Non-Stick Coating Nano technology
 keep the tamp free from static and moisture build-up.

Strong Cast-alloy Housing
Built to withstand daily use in a commercial environment.



Guide Levelling System - GLS

CINOART’s patented GLS “Guide Leveling System” prevents channeling caused by uneven tamping ensuring the coffee bed is flat every time.

GLS upholds cup quality consistency as an uneven coffee bed creates under or over-extraction resulting in unwanted flavors.


Precision Pressure Control

  • Select the ideal pressure setting for your desired recipe extraction times from between 2kg to 38kg.
  • Assured pressures are delivered consistently even - upon different particle sizes and dosed volumes.
  • Three programmable multi tamp settings.
  • Built-in recording function to calculate total usage / cycles.
  • Easy to adjust and fit a variety of Portafilter handles.

Segmented Multi Tamping

  • Set either single, double or triple tamp
  • Each tamp cycle can be independently set to a specific pressure
Example: 1st Tamp value at 8kg followed by the 2nd Tamp at 30kg of down pressure or any value combination in between 2kg – 38kg

Safety Assured

  • Group handle detection sensor only activates in contact with metal (not fingers)
  • Operates with 12 Volts via an inline step-down transformer
  • Surge protection designed to the main electronic control board ensuring longevity and reliability.

Non-stick Coating

Nano Non-Stick Technology eliminates residual build-up of the coffee fines and oils ensuring the tamper stays clean


Build Quality;

  • Constructed using a strong cast alloy housing and all metal features ensures durability and reliability.
  • Easy access for technical servicing.

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Additional Information

Country of manufacture China
Shipping from Croatia
Color White
Warranty 2 years
Business guarantee 1 year
Technical data
  • Voltage: 12V 10A 60W
  • Tamper Diameter: 58mm Flat Base, optional 58.3mm
  • Tamper Shape: Flat Bottom
  • Adjustable Pressure: 2kg ~38kg
  • Tamp cycle speed: 1.2 Sec
  • Multi Segment Tamping: 1, 2 or 3 times
  • Weight: 3.7 kg
  • Dimensions: 318 x 127 mm (H x ø)
  • Materials: Cast alloy housing - all metal features

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