Distillers and water treatment

There is nothing like distilled water - no traces of chemicals, flour, chlorine, hormones, pesticides, heavy metals etc what ever you can find nowadays in nature water polluted by humans.
  1. Auto-control Stainless Steel distiller 5L/h


    Water disttiller for 5L per hour, made completely from stainless steel with auto shut off when water level is low

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  2. 20% off
    Hydronik Plus

    Hydronik Plus

    Regular Price: €495

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    HYDRONIK PLUS is a generator of water enriched with hydrogen for home and offices. Learn More
  3. Megahome water distiller


    Coming soon!

    Megahome Water Distillers give you drinking water that is absolutely pure water Learn More
  4. LIFEENERGY PRO home distiller

    Get rid of heavy metals, fluor, chlorine, bacteria, chemicals, viruses, hormones, pesticides, poisons and all other UNWANTED elements in EVERY DAY drinking water.

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