An Overview of the Benefits of Vacuum Blending

Is it time to upgrade your blender?

There is a new technology in blending that introduces a vacuum environment to the foods you combine with this essential tool. Vacuum blenders create a smoother result and reduce oxidation, both of which help to preserve the flavors and colors that you enjoy.

Vacuum blending can also help keep the nutrients in your favorite foods closer to their natural profile.

Benefits of Vacuum Blending

A vacuum blender removes the air from the container through the use of a pump, which is how there is less oxygen available to reduce the nutrient profile of what you eat.

Then you will get to take advantage of these benefits with this alternative method of blending.

  1. There is less foam in the final product.

Because there is less air in the container, your blended foods will contain less froth. You get to focus on the body and authentic flavor profile instead.

  1. You will see less separation.

The vacuum environment allows your blended foods to emulsify better, which means a smoothie that sits for too long won’t begin to separate as it does with a standard blender.

  1. It creates fresher flavors that last longer.

This advantage allows you to prepare smoothies in advance instead of trying to find extra time during your routine to make something.

  1. There is less nutrient loss.

Vitamins A, C, and E do not react well when they receive exposure to oxidation, so these nutrients remain in a stronger profile thanks to vacuum blending.

  1. It creates a visually inviting smoothie.

Because your foods do not have time to oxidize in your blender with the vacuum environment, they look more inviting to consume when you make your favorite smoothies.

Using your Vacuum Blender, you can still use protein powders, fiber supplements, or vitamin add ins with your smoothies when using this method as well. If you want to get more from the foods that you already enjoy, consider an upgrade to a vacuum blender today.


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