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etz manual hand grinder

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The most innovative and easy-to-use hand grinder (for coffee, pepper & spices) and all brew methods (from Turkish, Espresso to Pour Over and French Press)

Etzinger etz-I  is the perfect grinder not just for Newbies but everyone who wishes to prepare coffee fast & easy. It`s the first and only hand grinder with Antistatic-Jig, compressing the grounds while grinding thus eliminating electro-statical charge and ensuring for optimal particle distribution. No mess, no additional steps or tools required, no time wasted.

For Coffee enthusiasts who wish for an easy-to-adjust&clean hand grinder with no retention and who are familiar with tools like RDT or WDT (and their proper use), we recommend etz-U (without Antistatic-Jig).

  • Retractable crank (125mm when extracted)
  • Ergonomic handle: 3 fingers only
  • Easily filled: RRB-mechanism, no axle (rotating hollow shafts)
  • Easy CCW-turning
  • Externally adjusted (88 settings à 0.02mm)
  • Swiftly cleaned, opened (with a flick of the wrist) and reassembled
  • No Retention (etz-U without Antistatic-Jig)
  • Low to no electro-statical charge (etz-I with Antistatic-Jig)
  • Absolute Vernier Scale with identical point of reference
  • Perfectly cutting 32mm burrs for smooth grinding 
  • Diameter REGULAR (55mm)
  • All brew methods from Turkish, Espresso to Pour Over and French Press
  • Made in Liechtenstein & Switzerland

etz-I vs etz-U
The etz-I is the very first coffee handgrinder on the market with Antistatic-Jig, reducing electro-statical charge to a minimum while grinding. Therefore no additional steps such as RDT or WDT (due to a better particle distribution) are required. Please beware that spraying the beans with water may damage the burrs. Any remains (when grinding for Espresso) may easily be knocked off and added to the ground coffee. There`s no retention when grinding for Filter.

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Country of manufacture Liechtenstein
Shipping from Croatia
Color Black

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