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Catler Induction multicooker

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Cooking, baking, stewing, frying, steam and pressure cooking with perfect designed induction cooker

Do you love cooking, baking, frying, or braising? Now you can do everything at once! The Catler MC 8010 multi-purpose mini oven allows you to cook much faster and without the loss of juices, flavour, and valuable nutrients. The uniqueness of this clever appliance lies in the construction of its inner container for 3D food preparation, as well as 4-zone heating with an induction coil combined with pressure cooking and steam cooking. During cooking, you might benefit from the voice navigation feautre. The pot also automatically adjusts the time, temperature and pressure based on the type of food and amount of raw materials. Cooking with the Catler MC 8010 is completely safe due to the temperature and pressure system, and the child lock. Additionally, you get access to a timer and a total of 14 programs.

Catler Induction multicooker MC8010
  • Varied, healthy cooking in less time

    The 3-litre six-level inner pot is made using high-temperature sprayed stainless steel is extremely strong and has outstanding heat conductivity. Thanks to its traditional shape it is non-stick and ideally suited for cooking various meals.

  • You cook, you bake, you fry, you stew or cook in steam in a single pot, significantly faster and without losing juices, flavours and valuable nutrients. Cooking with this multicooker saves a lot of time and creates opportunities for effective, healthy cooking
  • 4-zone heating with an induction coil for fast and even heating of the pot's surfac
  • English voice navigation and 14 automatic programs


  • Possibility of setting a delayed start
  • Shows remaining time until the end of program
  • Automatic temperature maintenance function
  • Self-cleaning and sterilizing program available
  • MultiChef feature for saving your temperature and time settings

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Additional Information

Country of manufacture United States
Shipping from Croatia
Color Silver
Warranty 2 years
Technical data


  • Inner pot with 6 levels
  • Steam cooking attachment
  • Measuring cup and ladle
  • Cookbook with recipes

Technical specifications

  • Voltage and frequency: 220-240V ~ 50Hz
  • Power input: 1 400 W
  • Dimensions: 360 x 342 x 478 mm
  • Weight: 8,7 kg


  • Keep warm function
  • Automatic function for maintaining temperature and moisture at the end of a program based on the type of meal SmartWarm
  • Self cleaning and sterilisation program
  • Safety pressure and temperature system
  • Artificial intelligence IQ system – automatic setting of time, temperature and pressure based on the type of meal and amount of ingredients
  • Display of remaining cooking time
  • Child safety lock
  • Timer
  • Delayed start
  • Automatic power-saving mode
  • 14 adjustable programs
  • Option to save a custom temperature and time setting MultiChef

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