Vulcanus Pro grills for a lifetime

Vulcanus grills have a unique design protected by a patent. The body of the grills is made of weathering COR-TEN steel, which has a long service life and can withstand any outdoor conditions. It is also lined with an accumulation ceramic core for better circulation of hot air, thermal stability and reduced wood consumption. So, if you live in colder areas or grill all year round, this is the right choice.

Thanks to its square shape, the grill has up to ⅓ more grill surface area than conventional round grills. The two heat zones also allow you to grill meat, cheese or vegetables at the same time.

Cooking options

You can prepare food on Vulcanus grills all year round. Eggs for breakfast, steaks for lunch and a pot of goulash in the evening to share with friends or family.

Cook yourself some meat, vegetables, cheeses, sausages and eggs. Thanks to the different heat zones, you can leave a steak to rest while preparing fresh vegetables.

Steel cooktop

For cooking meat, fish, vegetables, dough, cheeses and eggs. It can also be used for cooking in a pot or pan.

Central cooking grid

The central cooking grid has two positions, either for grilling in direct flame or over hot embers. It can be raised or lowered using an extension, which is also fitted with a circular holder for a cast-iron pot or wok. Just as you can put cookware on the cooktop, this holder will take various types of pots and pans.

What is COR-TEN?

The body of a Vulcanus grill is made from a special high-quality steel called COR-TEN, with a ruby-colored patina. COR-TEN was originally used mainly in ship-building, because of its resistance to wet and saline environments. So you needn’t worry about leaving your grill out in the rain, frost or snow. It’s natural, environmentally friendly, and will always look as good as new.

  • Unique patinated appearance.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Resistant to all environmental impacts.
  • 100% environmentally friendly.

Slow heat-release material

You can enjoy grilling on your Vulcanus all year round. It has superb thermal stability and lower fuel consumption compared to other grills. This is ensured by the 38 kg slow heat-release panels, precisely shaped to line the fire chamber.


The cooktops and cooking grids of Vulcanus grills have a certificate of EU food contact compliance. Using them to cook food is therefore 100% safe and there is no need to be afraid of any harmful substances being released into the food during grilling.

Made in Europe

COR-TEN is imported from Italy, where they have a wealth of experience with the material and its resistant properties. The ceramic slow heat-release core is custom manufactured for us by a German company. The grill itself is made in the Czech Republic, largely by hand

Grill all year round

With 38 kg of slow heat-release ceramics this grill offers you unbeatable thermal stability even in very cold areas like North Europe.

Healthy and smoke-free

The grill has a unique system for draining away grease. This makes healthy grilling a reality – without the presence of carcinogens.

Keep your hands clean

Sweep ash easily into the prepared receptacle without spoiling your hands while grilling.

What wood can I burn in a Vulcanus grill?

You can practically use any type of hardwood, provided it has a residual moisture level of less than 20%. Wood should therefore be sufficiently dried out. Green wood releases smoke and tar when burnt, thereby making the grill smokier and reducing its thermal performance. We recommend using technically dried logs cut into 33 cm lengths, which you can buy from any DIY or garden superstore. Charcoal can also be used.

Which Vulcanus grill to choose?

Find a grill that perfectly matches your expectations. Vulcanus grills are manufactured using identical technology – the only difference lies in the construction of the base with the dimensions and features along with the thickness of the grill plate.

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