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Vegavita PRO wide slow juicer

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Ideal for juice bars and home users who enjoy higher amounts of juices!

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Vegavita PRO wide slow juicer


Wide feed tube (75 mm) fast preparation of bigger quantities of ingredients (smaller apples only to half, carrot without cutting, red beet to a half. Tube can be filled and doing something else while juice is processing..

Quite working mode very very quiet while working even in front of customers

Juice cap to prevent dripping of juice while working but also to mix more consistently various ingredients in juice recipes

Easy cleaning juicer need to be cleaned fully only at the end of the day. While bar is open and there is no juice making for over an hour it is worth to just slip the 0,5 liter of water while working to keep moisture and prevent drying.

Easy assembly only 5 pieces to clean and assembly.


This juicer has a special induction motor of 240W with low speed, but the immense power which crushes whole foods. The engine is due to its characteristics is extremely time-consuming. 3 screens with larger and smaller holes allow the creation of more mushy or fully few drinks, a sieve to puree to create ice cream and sorbet.


VEGAVITA PRO squeeze literally all you can imagine without preparation:

  • Fruits
    oranges, apples, lemons, pineapple, strawberries ..
  • Vegetables
    cucumbers, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes
  • Green leaves
    spinach, kale, celery and carrot leaves
  • Hard vegetables - NO MUCH CUTTING
    celery root, carrot, ginger, red beet, cabbage
  • and also various grains for creating vegetable milk at home from rice, almond, soy, buckwheat
  • BEST BUY slow juicer
    Engine torque power can chop and slack whole carrot even!
  • wide entrance for all kind of vegetables and fruits for fastest juicing ever
    whole peeled orange and lemon, apple suggested to make it half - but speed of entering the ingredient and making a juice is best possible
  • easy cleaning and assembly
    during the day only needed to pour 0,5 liter of water after finishing the juicing while still is working. At the end of the day 5 minutes needed to clean it completely.
  • juice cap
    outside the juicing bowl there is a cap for closing the juice pipe - perfect for not having any drips on the kitchen table

You get 3 strainers in package:

  • strainer without wholes - for smoothie or ice creams or sorbets with fruits and nuts
  • strainer with smaller wholes - for cleaner juice with less pulp
  • strainer with bigger wholes - for juices with more pulp

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Additional Information

Country of manufacture China
Shipping from Croatia
Warranty 5 years engine, 2 years electronics
Technical data
  • Heavy-duty induction motor of 240 W;
  • Slow rotation of the motor and the screw of only 80 RPM for great strength;
  • Low noise level to 60 dB;
  • Very wide opening for entry of food (75mm);
  • Push stick and cutting foods;
  • Strainer with large holes for thicker juice with more pulp;
  • Strainer  with small holes for less juice with less pulp;
  • Strainer for ice cream and sorbets;
  • Juice cap for better mixing juice in the juicer;
  • BPA free containers for juice and pulp of 1 L with labels;
  • Cleaning Brush;
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning in the dishwasher;
Vegavita PRO wide slow juicer
  • Color - silver / red with black base
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) - 200 x 260 x 500 mm;
  • Weight - 7.3 kg.

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Customer Reviews

  • Price
  • Odličan
    Review by Lemšen on 11/01/2022
    Svaka preporuka za viš tim i sokovnik Vegavita pro. Jako sam zadovoljna kupnjom i uživam ga koristiti. Tako da ga svima oko sebe preporučujem. Nadam se da će me dugo Služiti. sve preporuke i puno hvala za sve.
  • Price
  • Odličan
    Review by Ana on 17/03/2015
    Sokovnik je odličan, koristim ga svaki dan za razne sokove od voća i povrća i svaki zadatak izvrši besprijekorno. Priprema namirnica znatno je skraćena zbog velikog otvora, nije bučan i lako se čisti. Sokovnik je za čistu peticu i ima moju preporuku..:) Ana
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