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odoActive odour eliminator

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Biological solution for easy, reliably and permanently elimination of any odor with power of microorganism

Based on active micro-organisms, odoActive car works completely independently and without any mechanical support. The applied microbes are specialised in biodegrading organic residues,i.e., in eliminate odour causes. The preventive and odour-eliminating effect is noticeable within minutes. odoActive car eliminates nicotine smell, vomit smell, dog smell, sweat, mildew etc.

In-depth & thorough effect

odoActive car odour eliminator does not just “cover” odours; thanks to its active microbes, it removes the organic surface residues causing the odour. odoActive car can tackle virtually any odour caused by organic material, such as nicotine, animal excrements, urine and body odours, rancid milk and mould odours, fermenting food etc.

Eco-friendly & innovative

odoActive car odour eliminator is a mild, fully natural and highly effective product. Purely biologically, the odour neutralisers eliminate even most persistent odours in areas that can otherwise only be accessed with difficulty. The special odoActive car formula has not only temporary and superficial effect, but sustainably removes odour causes.

Gentle cleaning

odoActive car odour eliminator gently cleans materials, without leaving unsightly stains or bleached marks on car seats, upholstery and plastic panels, allowing you to apply this odour eliminator to sensitive materials with confidence. Proven through laboratory testing.

Simple application

odoActive car odour eliminator can be applied simply and easily: When sprayed on the odour source, the auto-active micro-organisms instantly get to work. In-depth cleansing of animal secretions, such as urine or other animal excrements, are completely removed from any kind of surface, even from highly absorbent ones.

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