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Kisag hand blender HOME&GASTRO

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This Kisag Power Blender 20 small hand held blender certainly packs a punch, with a two speed motor capable of up to 20,000 revs per minute. Uniquely designed to fit the hand allowing the palm to have a firm grip on the blender giving more dexterity when blending.
For hobby chefs and professionals

On some days, there are heaps of things to do in the kitchen: When this happens, the practical cooking utensils that save us time and make our work easier are worth their weight in gold. With the 20 cm hand mixer from Kisag, you can blend, mix, chop, crush and purée the most varied of ingredients in the shortest time.

This allows you to conjure up soups, sauces or smoothies in a flash. The hand blender is also suitable for processing harder ingredients such as nuts. Unlike a conventional stand blender, the power stick barely takes up any space in the kitchen, but is just as versatile.

Would you like to whip up a creamy purée? Not a problem! With the hand blender, you can crush almost anything, and work it into whatever consistency you need. Fruit and vegetables can be puréed, liquids mixed, herbs chopped, and you can prepare sauces, mayonnaises and shakes. Many parents also used the hand blender to prepare baby food. And as it's portable, unlike the stand blender. You can also use it directly in your cooking pot.

It's also a dream to clean: Rinse the purée wand under hot running water immediately after use. Simply wipe the handle, which also contains the motor, with a damp cloth. You’re done!


The Kisag 20 cm hand blender impresses with a continuous operating time of up to 8 minutes. It also has two speed settings which can be controlled on the handle. Thanks to the powerful motor, the device can reach up to 20,000 revolutions per minute and can make quick work of processing 20 litres. Ideal for when you're cooking for a larger group. Also practical: the 2-metre cable and the matching wall mount.

  • 230 VAC/250 watt, 50 Hz
  • 2 speeds: 20,000/15,000 RPM
  • Processing quantity up to 20 L
  • Continuous operation up to 8 mins
  • Immersion depth 20 cm
  • Weight 1.2 kg
  • Complete with wall mount & 2 m cable

Additional Information

Country of manufacture Switzerland
Shipping from Croatia
Color Black
Warranty 10 years on motor
Business guarantee 2 years

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