PurePro® ionizers

We are distributing PurePro® JA103 model for more than 8 years so far. Simply because its price is just amazing in comparing to the power of the 5 platinum pure covered titanium plates.

But over time you asked for their even stronger models. And we were delaying them to be on our stock wondering if they will be sell like JA103. So this time we just decided to have them all.

We ordered:

JA503 - model with bigger sized 5 plates, meaning bigger ORP and more pH stability with bigger water fluctuation.

JA703 - the strongest model because of big sized 7 plates and still very acceptable price for average household

JA2000 - model which is made to reduce the size on the counter so on the top is the only pipe with the controls and everything else is below the sink (yes, it has 'only' 5 plates)

All models have carbon filter integrated for 12 000 liters of filtrated water. Cost of additional filter is only 56 €.


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