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bioSanity drain care

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Biological solution for easy, reliably and permanently cleaning and maintaining drains and sewers with power of microorganism

Protection & Care

bioSanity ® protect keeps the drain fresh and clean for up to a month. The special microorganisms settle for a long time, displace other bacteria and quickly and reliably break down odors and deposits. Depending on the degree of smell and dirt, the effect occurs within just a few minutes.

The difference

bioSanity ® protect does not contain chlorine or other aggressive substances. Pipe systems carrying gray water are cleaned by the microorganisms and are not attacked! The effect lasts for a long time and unfolds along the entire wastewater system .

With regular use (recommended every 14 days), bioSanity forms a biofilm on the inner pipe wall and thus helps to prevent deposits in the long term.


Also very good helper in all camps, beaches, ships, marines and similar places to reduce the smell and volume in the sewer systems.

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