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Strong manual citrus juice press

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Strong manual citrus juice press with powerful grip, ideal for completely squeezing pomegranates or any other citrus fruits to the last drop
90 kg pressure
for the last drop of juice!

Thanks to the leverage and its 90 kg pressure you get significantly more juice than with other citrus juicers. At the same time, the peel of the fruit is only slightly damaged so there is no any bitter substances in the beverage.

  • Removable cone, bowl and drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Movable drip tray for a clean workplace
  • Non-slip feet for an optimal stand
  • Cone with integrated strainer
  • Locking system for cone and bowl

Use this manual juicer to squeeze oranges, lemons, grapefruits and even pomegranates with little effort and maximum yield! The glass, cup or shaker is placed directly under the press. The glass should not exceed a maximum bottom diameter of 7 cm and must not be higher than 17 cm.

Cone and bowl are made of stainless steel and can be removed individually for cleaning. You can also easily lock them with an just a turn. Otherwise, the cone could be pulled upwards, if the fruit gets caught in it. The bowl has an inner diameter of 11,4 cm. The cone also act as a strainer, so that no seeds or pulp reach the customer glass. A removable rubber ring between the bowl and the holder helps to reduce noise during the pressing process.

When there is no glass positioned under the juicer, you should turn the drip tray to keep the workplace clean. The drip tray made of black plastic is mounted on a swiveling metal bar and can be removed quickly and easily for emptying and cleaning.

The screw heads off the Cancan juicer are protected with rubber covers. This way, they are safe from fruit acid, which would otherwise attack the metal.

90 kg squeezing pressure

Ergonomic handle and heavy-duty internal gear multiply operator strenght for maximum juice yield.

Stainless Steel

All the parts in contact with fruit and juice are made from stainless steel. No contact with aluminum or plastic.

Fully locking parts

Cup and strainer are locked with frustration free operation. Unlock it for easy cleaning and sanitation.

Easy maintaining

Very fast disassembling and assembling. Spare parts easy to replace if needed. Dishwasher safe cone and strainer.


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Additional Information

Country of manufacture Turkey
Shipping from Croatia
Color Black
Warranty 3 years
Technical data
  • NSF and FDA certification
  • 90 kg pressure
  • 11.4 cm cone diameter
  • 17 cm glass height with 7 cm diameter
  • Dimensions: 200 * 300 * 550 mm
  • Weight: 6 kg

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