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NutriSantos N65

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Santos Nutrisantos N65 Commercial Vertical cold pressed juicer with revolutionary technology
Santos N65

The cold press juicer NutrisantosTM #65 is the solution to all juice bars, restaurants and shops wishing to make fresh cold pressed juices, on demand, in front of the customer.

This is a new way of juicing, pressing very slowly all kind of fruits, veggies, leafy greens, and preserving the vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, and minerals.

Santos has two patents on the cold press system, which is a real innovation on the market.

INSTANT COLD PRESS JUICER: just press & drink!

  • Commercial cold press juicer: Aluminum body and stainless steel food zone. Equipped with a reliable induction motor. Heavy duty.
  • A new way of juicing: set your speed (5 to 80rpm) and your filtration size to get the juice you want.
  • Fresh cold pressed juice made on-demand, in front of the customer. Cold pressed juice retains the maximum amount of nutrients, enzymes minerals and vitamins.
  • XL chute: Wide chute Ø79.5mm to juice whole fruits and vegetables.
  • No pre-cutting needed.
  • Easy to clean: Removable pusher and juicing system for an easy cleaning (dishwasher safe).
  • Exceptional yield: Maximum juice extraction.

Delivered with 1 stainless steel filter (0.3mm holes).

The Santos Nutrisantos N65 is equipped with a 650-watt induction motor which provides abundant torque for the massive stainless steel auger to press everything from fruits to root vegetables to leafy greens. The cold-press system preserves the vital nutrients and vitamins in the juice while providing the highest juice yield. Compared to centrifugal juicers, the yield is higher, nutrition is much better, and oxidation is practically eliminated. This means no more foamy juice turning brown in a few minutes. Juice naturally tastes fresher and better. The anodized cast-aluminum construction, heavy-duty parts, and low speed motor make this an exceptionally durable machine. And the stainless steel juicing parts (bowl, screen, auger, feeding tube) make it exceptionally hygienic as well.

Unlike noisy high-rpm centrifugal juicers, the Santos N65's low speed motor is quiet. You can carry on a normal conversation while it is running, allowing a more comfortable environment for both customers and employees. And the stainless steel juicing parts clean up easily. Just rinse them under running water in most cases, and scrub the juicing screen with the included brush. In addition, all the juicing parts are dishwasher-safe when deeper cleaning is needed.

Operating the N65 is simple - just turn it on and adjust the speed according to the produce you are juicing. The extra-wide 79.5-mm stainless steel feeding chute lets you process whole fruits and vegetables easily. The upper dial controls how quickly the produce enters the juicing chamber, and the lower dial controls the juice extraction speed. The auto-reverse feature prevents jamming. The extra large 4-liter pulp container is integrated under the juicing assembly, and slides out for easy emptying. Since the pulp is expelled directly down from the juicing chamber, there is no pulp chute to clog or complicated gear drive to break. Assembly is fast since there are few parts. The upper arm pivots up to allow easy removal of the juicing assembly.

Additional Information

Country of manufacture France
Shipping from France
Color Green
Warranty 10 years on motor
Business guarantee 5 years motor / 1 years other parts
Technical data
  • Juicing Process: Cold-press
  • R.P.M. 5-80 r.p.m.
  • Power: 650 Watt
  • Weight: 28 Kg
  • Dimensions: 412 x 236 x 642 mm

Suitable for: Apples, citrus, root vegetables, leafy greens, almond milk, pineapple

Not usitable for: Berries (best in small amounts with other ingrediants )


Weight: 32 kg

Dimensions: 490 x 330 x 660 mm

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