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AZbar Touch Cocktail Station

Delivery time 4 weeks


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AZbar Touch Cocktail Station - starter system with 16 different beverages gives unlimited creativity in 3 seconds mixing and pouring

System is consists of only 2 visible and functional parts.

Azbar Tower

  • reliability: the main dispenser tower for all Azbar systems
  • speed: any cocktail in 3 seconds
  • versatility: 16 tubes integrated in the dispenser - enough to use water (even sprinkle water), alcohol and juices
  • 9500 € + VAT


Velmix POS

  • choose your beverage/cocktail with single touch on image
  • visual is set up based on your wishes and filled questionnaire
  • 1300 € + VAT,

plus additional cable 10 meter with 16 tubes, 10 flojet pumps and 10 5 liters bag in box


The complete system can easily be upgraded later with dosages, controlling board, booking system etc...

For the installation including all the materials used (if it is set up below the counter) we set it up for 500€ + VAT.


to mix more than 500 different cocktails and beverages (of course you can also pour directly only one ingredient)

Juices - orange, pineapple, blackberry (gas, energy, bio)

Syrup - grenadine,lime, coconut, strawberry, peach

Alcohol - vodka, rum, tequila, gin, whiskey, jagermeister, wormwood, aperol


Additional Information

Country of manufacture Canada
Shipping from Croatia
Warranty 1 year

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