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HUROM H-AI Premium

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‘One Stop’ cold press juicer with unique juicing without preparing the ingredients

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Hurom continues to lead the way in juice extraction with the new H34 ‘One Stop’. This 2018 release is an exciting new addition to the Hurom product range. Enabling a more relaxed juicing experience, the H34 ‘One Stop’ incorporates new innovative features which take into account our ever increasingly busy lifestyles. The H34 ‘One Stop’ promotes a ‘Chop, Drop & Lock’ experience, enabling you to prepare ingredients in advance and insert them into a feed chamber. The one stop hopper automatically inserts prepped ingredients into the juicer, eliminating the need to add ingredients piece by piece and enabling you to get on with other things. Pulp is now expelled directly into a built-in pulp container at the base of the machine eliminating the need for a separate external pulp jug. The H34’s pioneering design specifications coupled with its sleek lines and monotone colour scheme ensures that it complements the very latest in kitchen aesthetics. The H34’s advanced functionality is guaranteed to produce the smoothest juice, highest possible yield in the shortest preparation time.

H34 ‘One Stop’ Cold Press Juicer

Feed Chamber: automatically inserts prepared ingredients into the chamber. A mixing bar rotates and trims ingredients via two S-blades that break the stack of ingredients whilst pushing them downwards. A C-blade trims ingredients and sweeps the bottom of the chamber for gradual insertion. Two openings at the base of the chamber are slightly tilted to enable the smooth transition of ingredients from the chamber to the drum.

Built-in Pulp Container: pulp is now expelled into a built-in, neatly aligned container fitted into the base of the machine.

Tilted Drum: a 3 degree tilted bottom at the base of the drum enables the collection of every last drop of juice during extraction. No manual tilting is required.

Customised Juice Extraction Guide: is provided to help assist with the correct amount of ingredients for the capacity of the chamber.

Embedded Safety Sensor: the H34 ‘One Stop’ will only operate when the lid is completely closed promoting a safer juicing experience.

Power Jog Dial: located on the front of the H34 for increased visibility and convenience of use.

Stainless Steel Juice Cap: designed with a 90 degree tilt for ease of opening.

Convenient Assembly / Disassembly & Easier Cleaning: Hurom’s new innovative design enables improved assembly / disassembly. Furthermore, the structure of the lower section of the machine has been simplified in order to prevent pulp build up and enabling ease of cleaning. The chamber’s completely detachable middle gear also allows for more thorough cleaning.


Additional Information

Shipping from Croatia
Warranty 10 years motor, 2 years parts
Technical data
  • Cold-press juicing system minimizes foam and oxidation
  • 60-rpm quiet operation
  • 23-rpm spinning brushes
  • Powerful 150-watt induction motor
  • Feed chamber to reduce preparation time
  • Built-in waste container
  • Tilted drum to savour every last drop
  • Fine & coarse strainers in the box
  • BPA-free
  • Custom cleaning brushes included
H34 ‘One Stop’ Cold Press Juicer
  • Dimensions: 430 x 150 x 450 mm
  • Weight: 6.5 kg

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