1. Lexen Manual Wheatgrass Juicer


    Lexen Manual Juicer also known as the Easy Health Manual Wheatgrass Juicer, is a great value, super light compact manual juicer recommend for juicing wheatgrass, sprouts, herbs and leafy greens. It makes an ideal travel juicer weighting less than 1kg. Learn More
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    ORIGINAL big mouth slow juicer

    ORIGINAL big mouth slow juicer

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    New line of slow juicer affordable for every household with top quality and 5 year warranty. Also optimal for HORECA business Learn More
  3. Vegavita PRO wide slow juicer


    • BEST BUY slow juicer
      Engine torque power can chop and slack whole carrot even!
    • wide entrance for all kind of vegetables and fruits for fastest juicing ever
      whole peeled orange and lemon, apple suggested to make it half - but speed of entering the ingredient and making a juice is best possible
    • easy cleaning and assembly
      during the day only needed to pour 0,5 liter of water after finishing the juicing while still is working. At the end of the day 5 minutes needed to clean it completely.
    • juice cap
      outside the juicing bowl there is a cap for closing the juice pipe - perfect for not having any drips on the kitchen table
    Learn More
  4. SLIMMY Greenis slow juicer ALL-IN-ONE


    SLIMMY Greenis ALL IN ONE slow juicer model with ONLY 30 rpm and planetary geared AV motor can squeeze all the fruits and green leafy vegetables with easy.

    Learn More
  5. RHINO Wide Mouth slow juicer


    • double tubes: wide 85mm for peaches, oranges etc and standard 45mm for carrtos and harder ingerdients
    • touch pannel control with blue and red LED lights
    • handle for easy carry
    • magnetic safety lock on properly bowl switch
    • automatic stop when it is overloaded.Autom
    • automatic self cleaning system with backward mode
    • Tap is for easier juice storage&juice share.
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  6. Hurom GD horizontal juicer


    Hurry up! Only 2 left in stock!

    The Hurom GD squeezes fine juice of all kinds of vegetables and fruits and is a real all-rounder. Learn More